Stories of Repats in Serbia

Despite the well-known trend of citizens of the Republic of Serbia leaving their home country, some are returning. The United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Lab implemented research aiming to explore the return migrations of people with high qualifications. We wanted to learn more about deep motivations and the experience of returning to their home country.

We investigated four groups of repats: people who returned to start their own business in Serbia, people who studied abroad and returned after completing their studies, people who returned to raise their children in Serbia, and people who returned to spend their retirement in Serbia. They had to have lived abroad for at least three years and have gone through a short period of adaptation back in Serbia for a maximum of three years.

This research was conducted on a small sample of thirteen people who shared their stories. You to choose the profile of the person you would like to read about either through their personal biographical information or by the country that they lived in.

We hope that you will gain a new perspective and find inspiration in the life stories of the repats who were kind enough to share their experiences with the world.